Okay, so this is not a food related post. But three days later and I’m still so excited that the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl! Can you believe it?!? It was so much fun to be in Baltimore and see all the fans come together and all the businesses light up purple and all the bar patrons go absolutely nuts. My mom and my brother got to go down to New Orleans and go to the game. #jealous! But I watched the game from behind the bar at Jose’s
and it was an absolute blast. I had so much fun celebrating, dancing, biting our nails, holding hands and cheering with the crowd who was there. Thanks to everyone who came out! Here’s a pic of a purple bagel that I ate on Ravens Super Bowl Eve:

purple bagel

And in case you don’t know, that up there is a picture of Ray Lewis #52, who retired this year.  He played his entire career as linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, which spanned 17 years. Baltimore loves Ray, and I’d certainly say he went out on top! I know haters gon’ hate, but what an amazing man!

And p.s. If anyone wants to talk about Beyonce’s half time performance and how amazing it was, I’m your girl. It was incredible. I may or may not have cried. If you wanna talk about the commercials, I didn’t see any because I was busy opening PURPLE cans of Natty Boh. And if you wanna talk about the actual game, call my brother.

Ray Lewis photo courtesy of the bostonglobe.com


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