Hello world!

So, I’ve decided to start a blog. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted my focus to be and didn’t want be just another female blogger rambling on at random. So I thought about the blogs I really like, the ones I keep going back to, and the ones I tell my friends about. They all have different subjects/focuses, but what they had in common was simplicity, humor, honesty and personality. I’m hoping this blog will have the same!

With the invention of Pinterest, I find that I am trying new recipes all the time these days. So, I’m starting this blog as a way to share what I’ve been doing in the kitchen, put my own twist on recipes, and see where it goes from there. If later I decide I want to ramble on at random about random topics, well then, that’s my prerogative.  (side note: I’ve always been one to brag about my spelling skills, but I really just had no idea how to spell prerogative. Who knew it had two R’s!)

In my family, my sister has always been the one with the reputation for cooking and baking. At family gatherings, I’d offer to bring a dish, only to be told–via group emails– maybe I should just bring some wine. (okay, that only happened once) But I could see in the same email chain a request for my sister that said “Can you bring those pea puffs you always make?” I felt slighted. My uncle Mike is an amazing cook. I swear, he’s the male version of Martha Stewart. He could out craft/cook/garden that B in a heartbeat. Anyway, he loves to talk cooking. He and my sister are always talking recipes. “The other day I made the Tres Leches from Tartine… blah blah blah.” I’d try to insert myself into the conversation, only to have my comments fall flat, while they exchanged looks that said “why is she talking?” Perhaps that’s just in my head (I can be sensitive), but my point is that it’s ironic that, of all things, I’d start a blog about food. Well, maybe it’s not ironic that it’s about food because everyone knows I love to eat. But it’s ironic that it’s about recipes, about cooking, about my adventures in the kitchen. I think I and my family are starting to realize that my Pinterest addiction has taken a turn for the delicious. I feel like I’ve become quite the little chef. Modifying recipes, making up recipes, scouring Pinterest for more recipes, making things from scratch. NBD.

Last week, my sister sent me a photo of farmer’s market pasta that looked delicious. I asked her to share the recipe with me (get this– she got the recipe from a MAGAZINE. A real, live magazine, like with actual pages that you turn. so I can’t link you to it. otherwise, I would.) and after I made it, I was like holy crap, that was amazing! So I shared the recipe with my co-workers, but I inserted my own comments and modifications and personality to the recipe (since I had to re-type the whole recipe since it’s from a magazine and… it’s a long story). It was fun and well-received. And so, the focus for my blog, albeit temporary, was born.

While my sister’s the chef/baker in the family (a well-deserved title, I must add), I’ve always been known as the writer. We all have our special traits and talents, right? My family’s probably wondering what took me so long to start doing something with my writing (beyond writing in my diary and sending witty emails). I’m not sure if this is “something” or what this will turn into, but it’s a start. And it’s kinda funny/ironic that I’ve chosen recipes as my focus for now. Maybe after a few posts, I’ll be asked to bring something other than wine to our next holiday dinner.

Disclaimer: I like to exaggerate. And I’m pretty sarcastic. I have brought more than wine to family parties. I’ve made plenty of recipes that have been a hit. My “tailgating” food always seems to be the most popular. But I swear, for a while people were surprised when they learned I contributed more than Christmas Pictionary.  


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Sarah likes to be hilarious…it was only because of her taste in picking out good bottles of wine that she got that task. We all knew there was more to her skills when we tasted her winter vegetable salad at Thanksgiving and her famous spinach balls at several gatherings!

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